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We will collaborate with you to determine the menu, service plan and approximate guest count in advance. Food service for Blue Stone events is always presented in buffet style. Our dining room and kitchen are not equipped to provide direct formal table service to large groups simultaneously.


The Blue Stone restaurants are full service restaurants that are open to the public every day. But, we are also always happy to consider special events. Our event pricing structure (outlined below) is designed to reflect the conventional business that will be displaced by hosting your event and varies by season and day of the week. Unlike many venues Blue Stone event pricing does not directly correlate to the number of guests. Your updated guest counts will ensure that we are prepared with adequate product and staff. But pricing is dictated by venue, season and day of the week. Actual cost per person may vary greatly depending on venue, season, actual attendance and product used. A set food & beverage minimum (+ service & taxes) will be the base charge for the entire event. Actual consumption from the kitchen and bar will be assessed and the final bill will be the event minimum or the actual consumption, whichever is greater. If a cash bar is part of the event plan, bar purchases by guests will count toward the minimum for the host. Bar service can either be hosted (host pays for it) or cash bar (guests pay themselves). For some events, especially wedding receptions, hosts prefer a hybrid option where they host the bar for a period of time (perhaps the first two hours) after which the bar switches over to a cash basis for the duration of the event.

The final cost of an event will be the total of:

- Food & beverage minimum or actual consumption (whichever is greater)
- 18% service charge on food & beverage
- 9% VT state tax on food and non-alcoholic beverages
- 10% VT state tax on alcohol

Event Pricing Structure / Seasonal Event Minimums

Semi Private = Separate space & Restaurant stays open to public

Take-Over = Restaurant is closed and reserved exclusively for your group

Week Day = Sunday – Thursday

Week End = Friday & Saturday

Peak = High Season – Very Busy

Shoulder = Mid Season – Steady-Busy

Off Peak = Quiet Season


What are my menu options?

Our menu can be viewed here. Event menus are built around our core menu and usually feature pizza and Vermont craft beer. The most popular format often includes stationary finger food upon arrival followed by a transition to a full buffet. Our featured blackboard Pizzas change every week and they can always be added to your menu last minute.

What does your draft beer menu look like? We are hoping to…

The Blue Stone collaborates with and features beer from the top craft brewers in Vermont. Our relationships with these breweries allow us to offer small batch craft beer that is impossible to get anywhere else. We often do not even know what these producers will send us from one week to the next, so it’s impossible to predict exactly what we will have when you arrive. Typical draft beer menus include beer from Hill Farmstead, Lawson’s Finest and The Alchemist at the same time, and often include several from each brewery. If you have something special in mind let us know. We make no promises around craft beer, but we might just be able to get it!

What about other enhancements for our event?

Need something special for your event? Just ask. Even if its not for your event with us. We have a large network of some of the best event service providers in Vermont. We can help you find them, and can often help with last minute requests.

How do I confirm a reservation for my event date?

Once all the details have been agreed upon we will send you a copy of our Blue Stone Event Order summarizing the event and costs. As soon as we receive back a signed copy of the event order with a deposit check (50% of the food & beverage minimum) the event is confirmed and the date is yours