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Semi-Private Events

Events that can be accommodated while the restaurant remains open to the general public are the least expensive option. This is a good choice for your gathering if you don’t mind other guest traffic and noise around the building.

*Semi-private events can accommodate up to 30 people in Waterbury and 50 People in Waitsfield.

Blue Stone Restaurant Take-overs

For events that include a large guest list or when a more intimate and private venue is a priority either restaurant can be reserved exclusively for a Take-over and closed to the public. This option allows you to control the mood and atmosphere of the entire venue including décor, music, lighting, staffing and any other special requests. For Blue Stone Take-over events we will close to the public for the entire day. This allows our staff to focus exclusively on your event for the day and allows you unrestricted access to the building for any personalized set-up or preparation.

*Restaurant Take-overs are necessary to accommodate groups of 55 or more in Waitsfield and groups of 35 or more in Waterbury

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Waterbury, VT

    Our Waterbury restaurant is our flagship restaurant and home to our namesake Blue Stone rock table. The Waterbury dining room includes a back area that allows up to 30 people to gather as one group while the restaurant is also open to the public. This area is best suited for lively casual gatherings as it is not totally separated from other guest and staff traffic. The Waterbury restaurant can accommodate up to 90 people for events when the entire restaurant is reserved for a Take-over and closed to the public. The Waterbury restaurant does not have dedicated parking. Guests utilize a variety of public parking surrounding the restaurant that is not controlled by us.

  • Waitsfield, VT

    Our Waitsfield restaurant is located in the Mad River valley close to Sugarbush and Mad River Glen resorts. This restaurant features a deck and garden space that are separated from the dining room and bar. Events of up to 50 people can be hosted on the deck and garden while the restaurant is also open to the public. Groups of up to 100 can be accommodated if the entire restaurant is reserved for a Take-over and closed to the public.

  • Montpelier, VT

    Our Montpelier restaurant is located in the heart of downtown Montpelier. This restaurant space is small, intimate, and can host events for up to 35 people. This location does not do Semi-Private events and would have to be a full scale Take-over of the property.